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Android Application Development with the growing demand for Android OS, it's made an exclusive place for itself within the world of mobile Operating System. Enterprise Android application development and deployment has now become a necessity and it can't be treated as an optional element.

With Android application occupying a share of 60% of the smartphone market within the world, it's become a necessary element to integrate Android application into the enterprise mobile strategy, whether it’s android game application development, business android development or other applications.

For Android Application - BYOD 

With the constant rise and modification within the trend of enterprise mobility, Vyosys Technologies has adapted this trends like BYOD (bring your own device) that added to the concept. This initiative has in fact revamp and enforce us to adapt to our current Covid19 environment setup. These uprising concepts have compelled the organizations to become mobile savvy than before. Android doesn’t give the choices to large organization for the way they need to interact the concept of mobile.

When we are speaking such a lot about mobility, it's necessary to clear the concept that lies behind the word mobility. Mobility is that the process through which the organization gives the access of the info a computing to its employees, and its remains on the employees’ discretion on the technologies that they need to use to place during a better performance. Android provides a superb mobile strategy and it’s beneficial for the businesses to implement Android to urge maximum advantage out of it. 

As the other OS, Android also contains its justifiable share of benefits and drawbacks. This report is written with the most intention of creating the method of Android deployment easier. Take into consideration the below mention steps while planning an enterprise Android development & deployment.

Finalizing on the GOALS

For a successful deployment, well-planned and well-managed execution is extremely necessary. The primary step should involve on deciding the goals related to deployment and therefore the associated actions that might help in making the deployment process successful and accomplishment of the goals. Planning is extremely essential when the deployment process is related to an outsized organization.

You will need to be double sure that your organization is capable of handling and supporting the Android application and devices. Many organizations hesitate from bringing in Android because it has security risk related to it. Hence security concern should be a priority. It might be very essential for the IT department to know the Android data and connectivity architecture so as to make the info security guideline for the deployment process. A far better understand would be an excellent help because the security model varies across the operating systems.

You can even consider using the third-party security devices like Samsung Knox or Bluebox. These would be the choice if you want more security for the Android device in your network. One big help here would be the knowledge about the safety features of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android for work initiative may be a must read first during this case. 

Once selected the application roach to be adopted for Android deployment, subsequent step would be formation of the support team. The support team should be strong enough to tackle the issues that might arise during and after the deployment process. 

One of the foremost eminent parts of the network is that the sort of device that the organization would support. Just in case of Android, it's the power of providing you with more choices, but at the value of fragmentation. The fragmentation is for the device, model and therefore the version of the OS. One more issue with Android is coping up with the constant change within the mobile environment and therefore the complexity related to it. It might be recommendable to possess one resource who is an expert in Android, as a neighbourhood of the support team. This resource would be allocated for searching and testing of the features of the new products, and impart the knowledge to the remainder of the team members. Another important point to lighten up here is that the associated of an analytical team alongside the deployment team. The analytical team would be ready to analyse the deployment process.

Shipping of the APPLICATION

Vyosys Technologies supporting the Android application device also means making the proprietary development applications available for the users of the Android OS. the foremost important a part of mobile adoption is that the user experience, the enterprise Android adoption would end up to be negative if the user experience offered by the organization isn't easy, not intuitive and lacks the components of consumer grade user experience. Alongside user-experience, data security has got to be taken care of while building the application.

One point that would help in taking care of the important elements is conducting a search about the varied components that helps in differentiating an Android application from another. Writing of the code is another important step and therefore the most vital factor to be taken care of is that the compatibility of the code across different platform and different devices. Another eminent factor would involve taking care of the standard before the application is launched within the market. Android application testing is taken into account to be a sophisticated process, due to the presence of fragmentation.

Vyosys Technologies should consider the world where the application would be distributed. There are applications store where the enterprise application might be distributed. Once you get connected to an Android application store, it facilitates the organizational device to download applications from the development applications stores.

Getting into the analytical side of the sorts of applications used, it might be interesting to understand the applications that the highest performers within the organization use.