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 Why iOS as a Costly Mobile Development ?

It is generally assumed that the cost of iOS app development is more than other application development technologies. However, it is not so. Usually, an iOS app development company gives an estimate to the clients based on factors like the complexity and time to be consumed to create an application. Also, the type of application that you are planning to get built, determines its cost. Before jumping to the conclusion, it’s good to know, exactly what goes behind the development process. For your better understanding, we have divided the process into three parts:

  • Designing
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Cost of Development


The design of an application is an important factor that we should include while estimating the cost of creating an iOS app. Everyone loves and wants to have an interactive design, it helps engage and retain more and more users. The cost of designing an iOS app is about the same as the Android app, for the fact that there is not much of a difference in efforts took to create their designs.


This is the only area where the cost of development differs. The location from where you hire an iOS developer and their hourly rate majorly affects the cost of iOS app development. The hourly rate of an iOS developer is a bit more than that of an Android app developer. So, this affects the bottom-line cost of your project.


The cost involved in testing an application, to make it free from any bugs, varies mostly on the fact that an iOS app is built using Swift or Objective C, which are slightly more complicated to work on compared to Kotlin and Java, which are used in Android app development. So, if we talk about the cost of iOS app development is high, the only factor that we can see is the hourly rate of a developer, combined with the difference in the testing and maintenance cost. The overall cost is dependent on the geographical location from which you choose to get your app developed. If you choose your developers from any country in North America, the cost will be high as compared to the one in Asian countries. So, if you want to get an iOS app developed do not worry much about the cost, all you want to look out is to hire an iOS developer, who can help you develop your dream app.

Cost of Development

The same reason why any kind of Mobile App Development on any kind of platform is expensive: labour. While you’re paying for many other things within the app such as licenses or any other possible API agreements/connection, talent takes the lion’s share of a given budget for development.

Like the art industry, developers are paid for their talent and the work they put into learning all the various programming languages. Coding isn’t an easy job, and it’s expensive for a good reason!

According to PayScale, the quality iOS app developer salary is around $64k, with reported salary ranges of $43,000 to $100,000 per year. Add to that the fact that apps usually aren’t built by just one person; they’re built by a team of engineers and designers working together to create the app. Multiply the annual cost mentioned above by the number of team members that you need, and you should have a clear idea of why it costs so much. If you are savvy and pick the right team, you can significantly reduce costs with offshore development.

Standalone apps normally cost less (these are apps that require no connection to the internet); but apps that consume data or connect to the internet need more time and money. If the app doesn’t just connect to the internet and needs log-in authentication, account management, etc., then it will need a server running in the background; this will then cost more than your regular standalone app.

On top of all this, developing for Apple has the annual cost of $99 ($299 if you’re representing an enterprise), during which period you have the ability to push as many apps as you want. Android, by comparison, has a $25 one-time fee with Play Store.

The $99 cost is primarily a distribution cost, considering that your app will be available in all countries that have access to the app store.